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Chesapeake Lodge of Perfection

Chartered in 2013, the Chesapeake Lodge of Perfection governs the 4-14 Degrees of the Rite.

Hon. William E. Miller,32°, KCCH - Venerable Master

Bro. Carlos E. Corredor, 32° - Senior Warden

Bro. Kevin D. Edelmann, 32° - Junior Warden

Bro. Matthew W. Bowers, 32°Orator

Ill. Gerald R. Phillips  33°, Prelate

Hon. Michael J. Zwiebel, 32°, KCCH, Almoner

Chesapeake LOP Seal Gold.png

Deer Creek Chapter of Rose Croix

Chartered in 2015, The Deer Creek Chapter of Rose Croix governs the 15-18 degrees.

Ill. Charles J. White, Jr., 33° - Wise Master

Hon. Christopher J. Ricci, 32°, KCCH - Senior Warden

Bro. Stephen Z. Deinlein, 32° - Junior Warden

Bro. Senate M. Fouty, 32° - Orator

Ill. Gerald R. Phillips, 33°, Prelate

Hon. Michael J. Zwiebel, 32°, KCCH - Almoner

Deer Creek CRC Seal Color.png

Knights of St. Andrew

Chartered in 2016 The Knights of St. Andrew are group of 32° "Black Cap" members who dedicate themselves to serving and supporting the Valley.

Sir Kevin D. Edelmann, 32° - Knight Commandant 

KSACoatofArms Charter Date.PNG

General Officers of the Valley

Ill. Ralph Perry 33° - Personal Representative of the SGIG

Ill. William T. Ivey, 33° - Assistant Personal Representative

Hon. Michael J. Bowen, 32°, KCCH - Valley Treasurer

Hon. David E. Martak, Jr., 32°, KCCH -  Valley Secretary

Hon. Randy S. Dietrich, 32°, KCCH - Director of Work


The Valley of Susquehanna owes allegiance to the Supreme Council, 33 Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the USA.

Ill. James D. Cole 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander

Ill. Marlin L. Mills 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Maryland

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